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The Montana Snowmobile Association is an organization of individuals, local snowmobile clubs and businesses interested in promoting snowmobiling. It was founded in 1972 to provide a unified voice for Montanans who want to preserve the sport of snowmobiling. What does Montana Snowmobile Association do? Montana Snowmobile Association encourages the safe, courteous, lawful and responsible use of snowmobiles. Promote the proper recreational uses of snowmobiles on the land in keeping with the protection, preservation and enhancement of all natural resources. Provide representation at every phase of Montana’s public land usage. Keep informed of state and national issues important to snowmobiling. Represents snowmobilers as an organized group. Provides snowmobilers with a way to meet other winter recreation enthusiasts in an atmosphere of camaraderie and cooperation. Assists state and local law enforcement agencies in winter search and rescue efforts. Work with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks to develop and maintain a quality snowmobile trail system and series a series of maintained parking lots that can be enjoyed by all outdoor enthusiasts year around. Work with others interested in promoting the sport of snowmobiling in Montana by providing time, money and expertise in producing tourist information and material. Provides representation at Legislature. Work with the enforcement division of FWP to provide safety programs and information to its .
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